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Terceirização de cosméticos
com marca própria.

Somos uma Indústria de Cosméticos e oferecemos oportunidade ideal para varejistas, distribuidores, revendedores direto, salões de beleza e farmácia de manipulação lançarem suas Marcas Próprias em seus cosméticos!

English Spoken

The Cosmetico Legal is a Brazilian manufacturing company of cosmetic. We are specialized on development, register, production and packing of cosmetics.

The view of Cosmetico Legal is based on the quality on its relationships and its products and services and these should came through the satisfaction of its customers. The development and register processes are all made on a streactly confidential process.

If the customer wants, we are able to develop and produce cosmetics with their own brand label name.

Into our cosmetic production area, the customer cam make its investment on the following products:

Liquid Soap
Bath Oil
Sun Care (Sunscreen Lotion SPF 15, 25 33 )
Self-Tanning Lotion
Insect Repellent
Deodorant (Roll On)
Body Care
Eye Care
Hand Care
Travel Kit

The Cosmetico Legal Company is completely formatted to the Brazilian cosmetic legislation. Into the production area the Cosmetico Legal has laboratories of cosmetic development formulations and quimic and fisic quality control. We have the ability to fill a wide range of bottles and containers in various size bands using our automatic bottle-filling machine.

Our expert staff can develop a formulation exclusively for your Company or develop formulations of products similar to those marketed by all the "Brand Leaders" in the toiletry, cosmetic and household arena, including Sun care, Shampoos, Conditioners, Cosmetics, Bath care Body care and Hand care.

So if you need a service which is fast, reliable, and very competitive, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Provide services with professionalism and responsibility is our biggest commitment. For we believe in people and the ability of labor looking for:

Phone / Fax: 55 61 3379.1370
Address: Quadra 2 . Lotes 27 / 33 . SMC . Ceilândia . Brasília / DF . CEP 72265.020